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Opioid Side Effects That You May Not Know About—But Should Not surprisingly, these are the areas that are especially susceptible to side effects from opioids, but there are other problems that can crop up throughout the body as well. Suffering from one or more of these problems could be a sign that opiate treatment is necessary to prevent worsening health issues. Here are some places where opioids can pose potential problems. Opioids can numb the sensations of pain in the body, but they can also numb the mind. Opioids can slow Opiates Rehabs accepting Aetna Policy down cognitive function—which explains the feelings of drowsiness or inertia that are common side effects in people who use opioids. The brain can be affected in other ways. A 2014 study in the journal Pain Physician noted that patients who used opioid medications showed decreased capacity for processing spatial information and problems with working memory assessment. Reaction times also can be slower. In fact, opioids may change the structure of the brain itself, with parts of it growing or shrinking in volume. Another cognitive side effect that would warrant opiate treatment is the susceptibility to opioid tolerance. The brain and body can adapt to the effect of opioids, to the point that the medication loses its desired effect. That means more of the medication would be needed, thereby increasing the chances of dependency. Opioids can slow down breathing, which in turn means less oxygen is coming into the lungs and body while more carbon dioxide is being retained. This can be problematic during sleep—breathing can slow down to the point of stopping, especially for people with sleep apnea, which causes interrupted breathing—and for people who have a lung disease. Respiratory problems can also potentially result in additional resources brain damage. Opioids are a well-known cause of gastrointestinal distress in the form of constipation and nausea, the latter of which can also cause vomiting.


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